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    Chapter Nine officially come to an end. Next stop. The unknown.

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    Chapter Nine coming to a close….

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    Photoshoot day for the final house.

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    A final retreat to the Japanese countryside for some fresh air before the final week in Japan ends…

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    Final project, final open house at LEVEL Architects.

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    Another house up for my firm! Good luck to my co worker on his first house!!

  8. Midnight and sunrise in Tokyo.

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    One of the last few sunsets I’ll get to see in Yokohama.

  10. Tokyo Skytree day.

  11. Two weeks left for the house in Chigasaki!

  12. The most beautiful farewell gifts from my construction site and client from last year!

  13. Some stairs and a kitchen in Chigasaki.

  14. Wall paper and painting going on on site. Getting real close to the end!

  15. Not my project but this is definitely one of my favorite stages of construction.