1. On site in Chigasaki. Making big progress!

  2. Today on site was all about the stairs and the flooring.
    Just a little over a month left!!!

  3. New Project, not mine, from the firm up on archdaily~

  4. Sakura season almost at an end. The petals are starting to fall….

  5. Moving along nicely.

  6. image:

    Proud mama. My baby made the cover for the firms next little exhibit advertisement.

  7. Today’s lunch time view.
    Just love the Sakura season in Japan.

  8. Today’s lunch spot

  9. Cherry blossom season in Tokyo.
    A rainy day hanami.

  10. Sketchbook#5 finally made. Little rusty on the bookmaking but still love making them.
    How I really miss studio life.

  11. image:

    Spring equals spring flowers.

  12. On site today.
    Plus just found out you can see mt Fuji from the rooftop of the house! How crazy cool! Found my rest place on site.

  13. image:

    On site today.

  14. Mini scones and wine night kind of day.

  15. image:

    Tokyo Tower view today